Penny Dreadfuls from the Moth Sanctuary

From gruesome tales of romance & revenge, to spooky stories of whispers in the night, Penny Dreadfuls from the Moth Sanctuary is brand new audiobook series of original works from Moth Sanctuary Productions.

I am very proud to have narrated the first episode ‘Lost Lisa Marie’ – a horrifying story of revenge & retribution, written & produced by Andrew Bate – giving this wonderful character a voice.

My short story ‘The Neighbours’ – a creepy tale of a woman’s descent into fear & paranoia as strange things start happening when she moves in above a mortuary – is featured as episode three. Written & read by me, produced by Andrew Bate.

Episode five is my short story ‘The White Haired Devil’ – a tale of a mysterious fortune teller who is far more than what she appears. Written & read by me, produced by Andrew Bate.

In what’s been described as the spookiest story of the series, episode seven is my short story ‘Midnight Visits’ which takes listeners into the middle of a little boy’s waking nightmare. Written by me, read & produced by Andrew Bate.

Inspired by my performance in the Nottingham Playhouse production of ‘Coram Boy,’ our ninth Penny Dreadful is my story ‘A Token’ – where an archivist uncovers a dark shadow looming over the foundling hospital, and one desperate mother’s attempts to defy the odds to save her baby. Written & read by me, produced by Andrew Bate.

The tenth and final Penny Dreadful in our first series is ‘Lady Death’ – a macabre romance that ends unexpectedly, at least for The Countess. Written by Andrew Bate, The Countess read by me, Death read by Andrew Bate.

After the success of our first Penny Dreadfuls from the Moth Sanctuary series, we were asked by Thornhill Theatre Space to create an exclusive Penny Dreadful for their ‘Whispers in the Dark’ series. ‘Alice’s Shadow’ is an unsettling tale about the things we see in the dark, written by me and performed by Andrew Bate.

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Children of the Night

Children of the Night by Moth Sanctuary Productions is a wonderfully spooky audiobook series that I am thrilled to be a part of.

Pairing readings of classic horror stories with stunning scores by composer and producer Andrew Bate, we breathe new life into these timeless tales.

I have lent my voice to this heartbreaking version of ‘A Haunted House’ by Virginia Woolf.

I also narrated this unsettling version of ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Ideal lockdown listening if ever I heard it.

You can listen & subscribe to the full series on the Moth Sanctuary Productions YouTube channel.